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Entertainment » The Best Seafood Buffet Restaurants in Las Vegas

The Best Seafood Buffet Restaurants in Las Vegas

The last place you’d expect to find the some of best seafood buffets in the country is smack in the middle of the desert. But that is one of the things that makes Las Vegas wonderful anomaly. Located hundreds of miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, you’ll quickly discern that Vegas is quintessential Americana, meaning that the city contains all of the best that America has to offer, and that includes seafood galore. Having an abundance of seafood creatures in their collective fridge, along with some of the most renowned culinary connoisseurs the country has to offer, makes Vegas the ultimate stop for seafood disciples who want to gorge on mussels and mackerel, crabs and clams, scallops and swordfish, salmon and seafood paella and most anything else you’ll find at America’s major metropolises.

Here is a list of the best seafood buffet restaurants in Vegas, from my own opinion as well as the aid of and

— terry shropshire

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