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The 10 Best Historically Black Colleges in the Country


‘U.S. News & World Report’ Ranks the 10 Best Black Colleges 

An annual ranking has some black college enthusiasts proudly poking out their chests and others shaking their heads over the position of the best HBCUs in the country. U.S. News & World Report has released its annual list of the 10 best historically black colleges and universities counting down the top schools for African Americans to get not only a quality education, but the so-called ‘black experience’ as well. The usual suspects are listed; two institutions from the Atlanta University center a prominent Washington, D.C.-based school, and a Virginia institution with the world’s largest free-standing proton therapy facility made the top five.

Check out this year’s ‘best historically black colleges’ below. Did your alma mater make the list? –danielle canada


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