Deadbeats and Child Abusers Should Be Sterilized, Says Arkansas Politician

Deadbeats and Child Abusers Should Be Sterilized, Says Arkansas Politician

Deadbeats beware: An Arkansas politician seeking a return to the state House this year wrote that he wants all individuals who are deadbeats and child abusers to be sterilized by the government.

Former state Rep. Charlie Fuqua wrote in his 2012 book God’s Law that parents who do not support their children or have had their parental rights ended by the courts should be prevented from having anymore children, reports the Arkansas Times.

Of course, this is the same man who called for the forceful deportation of all Muslims in America and to institute the child death penalty.

“We must require all parents to support their children. Any parent that does not support his or her children should be sterilized so that they cannot produce more children that they do not support. Any parent that has his or her parental rights terminated by a court because they have abused or neglected their children should be sterilized …”

Fuqua ironically won the “Friend of the Family” award from the Arkansas Christian Coalition” back in the 90s. He told the Associated Press that he doesn’t think that most parents would ask the government to kill their rebellious children, but that the threat of it would serve as an effective deterrent against extreme rebellion.

“I think my views are very well accepted by most people,” he said, according to the AP. Fuqua also claims the Bible backs up his beliefs.

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