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Natural Hair Care Expert Erica Richardson Honored at Mirror Mirror Beauty Awards

Rolling out and CVS/pharmacy partnered to host the inaugural 2012 Mirror Mirror Beauty Awards in Atlanta to highlight 20 of the most prominent and recognized style makers in the beauty and entertainment industries. Honoree Erica Richardson is the founder of Oh! My Nappy Hair Salons. As the heir apparent of a business dynasty that operates stores in Los Angeles, Oakland, Calif., and Atlanta, Erica has been working to replicate the business feats of her hero and mother, Rosario Schuler, ever since she graduated from college with a biology degree. “I realized then that most of my colleagues were worried about getting hired to work for somebody but were never aspired to become entrepreneurs. I felt something was wrong with [that] picture and began to reconsider my journey. Being in business was something I was comfortable doing and I knew my mother was on to something that I too, really believed to be great.”