Celebs React to Video of Bus Driver Uppercutting Female Passenger

Celebs React to Video of Bus Driver Uppercutting Female Passenger

Bus Driver Suspended for Punching Female Passenger

A shocking video showing a Cleveland bus driver violently uppercutting a teen is racking up millions of views online. Late Thursday, a video surfaced on viral video site WorldstarHipHop.com showing a teenager girl arguing with a Cleveland Regional Transit driver. At one point the argument gets especially heated and the woman is seen striking the unidentified man while he’s driving. Obviously irate, the driver yells; “You’re going to jail now!” and uppercuts the woman in the chin. He is then seen grabbing the girl and throwing her off the bus along with her belongings. The original video currently has over two million views.

While the driver’s identity has yet to be revealed, transit authority officials have confirmed that he has been suspended. “Upon identifying the driver, he was immediately suspended and removed from duty,” said RTA spokeswoman Mary Shaffer in a statement. “His behavior is absolutely unacceptable. RTA apologizes to our customers for this incident.”

Since its debut, Twitter has been divided over the controversy with many people claiming that the driver’s behavior was unacceptable. Others, however, have sided with the man for putting a stop to the out-of-control teen. “I don’t believe in hitting girls but damn she deserved that uppercut,” said one person online.

“That was the most beautiful uppercut known to man! Shoutout to that bus driver. If I was a male bus driver, I would’ve done the same!” added another.

Interestingly enough, the video has also sparked a series of fake retweets seemingly from Chris Brown’s Twitter account. Some sneaky fans desperate for a laugh have written fake statements from Brown to Rihanna making light of the their 2009 domestic abuse incident.

Celebs React to Video of Bus Driver Uppercutting Female Passenger

Check out some authentic celebrity reactions to the viral uppercut video below. –danielle canada

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