Kiss the Limit President and CEO Shandra McDonald Bradford shares how the images in “A Look Through Our Lens” will be the visual palate upon which KLP’s “Hands Off This Girl” web series exploring the pandemic of sex trafficking will be created.

In the southern state of Georgia – in many conversations a place still referred to as the Bible belt – 7,200 men have sex with adolescent girls each month, leaving Atlanta with the dishonorable distinction and designation by the federal authorities as one of the most significant hubs for child sex trafficking in the U.S. According to the U.S. Justice Department, 40% of those sex trafficking victims are black girls and the average age a girl gets involved in prostitution is 13. The $39 billion sex trafficking industry has taken hundreds of thousands of young American girls – daughters, sisters, nieces and cousins – and forced them into prostitution.

“I was walking through the live that is shown in these pictures,” said sex industry survivor Stacy James. James is now a member of Prestige, an outreach ministry of World Changers International Church that targets those involved in the sex trafficking industry.

Kiss the Limit Productions’ president and CEO Shandra McDonald-Buford had never imagined any children that she had a vested interest in being swept into the dangerous world of sex trafficking until she met a stripper on Craig’s List during her search for some writing opportunities. Prompted by this discovery, the award-winning producer of projects that have aired on ABC, NBC, UPN, Showtime and CBS, McDonald-Buford created an experienced team to develop Hands Off This Girl, a narrative web series about the pandemic of prostituted children.

“I’ve lived that scene out…I get chills looking at these,” said Jeff Shaw, founder of Out of Darkness, a Georgia-based organization that provides rescue and restorative services to those caught in the world of human trafficking. During the event, Shaw shared some of the reasons he believes sex trafficking is so pervasive, including pornography and suggestive music like rapper 50 Cent’s song “P.I.M.P.”

Research for McDonald-Buford includes trips to strip clubs with the sex trafficking ministry of World Changers International Church. Recently, McDonald-Buford hosted “A Look Through Our Lens” photo exhibition about sex trafficking in Georgia at The Space (inside Tula Art Gallery). The fight is just beginning. –yvette caslin

Visit their channel on YouTube for stunning testimonies from team members and partners about why they are committed to developing this series, which will be a tool in the fight against sex trafficking.

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