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Khloe Kardashian shares beauty tips and picks

Reality star and media mogul Khloe Kardashian recently sat down to share her favorite beauty secrets. Here she shares beauty regimens, beauty brands she loves and so much more. One thing is for sure, she always looks flawless whether she is on the red carpet, her hit reality show or appearances. She definitely knows how to glam it up. Check out all she had to say and see beauty brands she loves!

“I put Vaseline or Aquaphor on my eyes every night before I go to sleep,” she said. “I also get really dry around my nose, so I dab it on there, and I put it on my feet — with socks.”

“No, I really don’t care!” she said. “I secretly have Kim’s palette in my purse because on “X Factor” last night, I was wearing darker colors, so I grabbed Kim’s in case I needed a touch up. I don’t really care, though. I think they’re all great, they’re totally different palettes, so if you’re into a darker moment, that’s totally the palette you should have!”

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