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Sweet Blessings Catering shares the joy of cooking


Tangela Russ, who became a certified chef this year, is the owner of Sweet Blessings Lunch Box and Catering Service. Russ has been in business for seven years, and she recently shared with rolling out why she started her business, what her favorite dish is and the keys to her success.

What prompted you to start your company?

Being  a single parent working multiple jobs and spending the majority of my time away from home prompted me to pray for the Lord to give me other alternatives for extra income that wouldn’t  keep me away from home as much.

I was the guest who would bring the paper plates and cups to any gathering. That year I made my first complete Thanksgiving dinner, including mini sweet potato and pecan pies. Making miniature desserts was where I started with my business and they were available at the Kross the Street Market Place owned by the Breakfast Klub.

Why do you think your business has been successful?

The success of my business has come with realizing the importance of good business relationships and business integrity.

What’s your favorite dish to create? 

I am a lover of healthy eating and sweet treats. My favorite dish to prepare is salad because you can be as creative as you like with limitless combinations.

What are the most requested dishes by your clients?

The menu items mostly requested by my clients are my smoked maple salmon salad, Cajun shrimp BLT with avocado sandwich, chicken salad on butter croissant, butter pound cake with butter cream frosting and sweet potato cheesecake.

What advice can you give others on balancing personal life and a career?

Planning and time management are essential to balancing your personal life and career.

Give us your three keys to success.

Keeping God first, good food and service, and business integrity.

What advice would you give others going into your same field?

The advice I would give to those looking to go into this field is research! Know your market; know the cuisine of passion for you, because you must love it in the ups and downs. Stay informed of the trends in the food industry.

What sets you apart from other caterers in the city?

Providing good food, quality service and convenience sets Sweet Blessings Lunch Box and Catering apart.

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    Awesome idea!