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The 10 richest black actors under 50

Richest black actors under 50

The top black actors in Hollywood have a variety of skills that earn them Oscar nominations, Emmy Awards and widespread adulation. And for a select few who’ve yet to blow out 50 candles on their birthday cake, they rake in boat loads of cash all while moonlighting as a rapper, singer or comedian. We previously brought you the list of ‘The 10 richest black actresses under 40’ highlighting mega money makers like Brandy ($12 million) and Raven Symone ($45 million.)

We’ve now found a similar list that shines the spotlight on entertainment’s elite that are rich,black and male. The majority of gentlemen on this list are in their late 40s and make significantly more than the richest young black actresses. Lauren London, who is number ten on the previous countdown ($2 million) makes $8 million less than the actor in this list’s ten spot.

Check out the full list of ’10 richest black actors under 50′ as complied by Loop21.below. -danielle canada


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