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Melodrama Boutique’s Re-Grand Opening celebrates 10 years of service to Houston


Melodrama Boutique owner, Jackie Adams (left), celebrates 10 years in business


Melodrama Boutique, located at 5306 Almeda Road in Houston recently held its 10th anniversary celebration on Saturday, Dec. 15, with a “Re-Grand Opening” party and fundraiser for Live Beautiful Now, an organization that aids in the battle on mental illness, specifically bipolar disorder. The Re-Grand Opening is the vision of Melodrama Boutique owner Jackie Adams. The West Virginia-born, Detroit-raised Adams created Melodrama Boutique to introduce high style fashions she felt were missing from the Houston scene.

Before founding Melodrama Boutique, Adams inspired young models during her earlier days of fashion management and consultation in a group she called All Women of Power. One of Adams’ original models, Latrece Bell, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and ultimately committed suicide. Part of Adams’ goal with the Re-Grand Opening was to raise funds to increase public awareness of bipolar disorder. Such awareness aims to expedite earlier detection and treatment of the disorder to prevent future tragedies such as the one that befell Bell.

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