Dwyane Wade cheating on Gabrielle Union?


The internet is buzzing with recent developments about Miami’s hottest couple, Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade’s relationship.  According to FullCourtPumps, Dwayne Wade has been cheating on Gabrielle Union with a young lady named Sandrina in Los Angeles.

Sandrina lives in Los Angeles and is Dwyane Wade’s jumpoff. Their huge secret is they have been f—–g for years but Dwyane recently learned that she has been sleeping with another NBA player, too.

He found out and went ballistic because he has been financing her lifestyle, for example he bought her breast implants recently, and much more.You may wonder why he would cheat on Gabrielle Union, but it is because Sandrina has ORGIES with him!!!! and Dwyane pays the big bucks for it.


That’s not all!  Apparently, Union may be aware of Wade’s extracurricular activites, and even participated in his sexual trysts.

Dwyane Wade has been stringing along his LA jumpoff Sandrina for some time, since before Gabby. And since Miss Union wants to keep her baller boo, instead of demanding she be the only woman in his life, she joins in.  It’s been rumored that Dwyane and Gabby spend anywhere from $1500-4000 on the girl of the night. Many girls in Miami have claimed to be chosen by the hollywood couple for a night of fun and no limits.


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  1. No respect for Dwayne. Wow. What is wrong with people these days??? No scruples or respect! People’s lifestyles getting scroungier & more foul. The Bible says it would happen & we see it everyday. I feel good for Siovaughn that she got out of it, but pray that D-Wade will get his life together & seek Christ. Also pray for his kids. Geesh!

  2. and this is the man given custody of two young men? to raise as whores like him….. omg shauvaugh come get your kids honey … this herpes infested , groupie loving, low life has managed to use his money to fool a whole court system . and balling out of control with his old as…s desperate girlfriend ridein with him .. no wonder she got cheated on ,bottom line gabby if you cant keep your man happy as the groupies why not join in right? je ,au ;ole gabb imopm bit he has no respect for her ,,which equals a miserable future . if there is one left … gabby its time to put on your big girl panties ..for get all you been through and your tough girl personal …. remember you are the one called yourself a mean girl …groupie mean girl etc … you lied to oprah, about who your are …..you aint learn shitt bout your pass.. if you lettin wade talk you into threesoms and your only his girlfriend ewww… now get tested and sit you dumb azzz down somewhere …. you betta keep him cause no one else will want you not knowing what you have contracted from your threesomes … no wonder your ride or die …i would to if i had no where else to run … truth

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