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Entertainment » ‘Big Rich Atlanta’ stars Sabrina and Sharlinda discuss the family business

‘Big Rich Atlanta’ stars Sabrina and Sharlinda discuss the family business

Sabrina “Brie” Rowe and Sharlinda Parker

Company: Tu La 2 Nail Salon & Company

Sharlinda, what made you want to do reality TV?
I decided to give reality TV a chance to use it as a platform for our businesses and brand. This show particularly gave me a chance to share the screen with my daughter and twin sister, Sabrina, which was also a major influencing factor.

Sabrina, how has this experience changed you?
This experience has not changed me yet. This is the first season so this TV thing is still new to me. The thing that I have learned is to pay attention to everything at all times and get to never get caught slipping even when they say the cameras are off.

What makes Tu La 2 Nail Salon & Company exceptional?
Tu La 2 Nail Salon & Company is located at 375 Pharr Rd. in Atlanta. We have been at our location for 10 years but in business for over 20 years. Nail trends come and go, so right now our specialty would be the CND Shellac and Gelish 14 Day Gel polish. The fact that Tu La 2 is a nail boutique and not the typical nail salon sets us apart from our competition. We have a very intimate, comfortable, and relaxing space and our clients enjoy the atmosphere. Tu La 2 has worked with clients such as Oprah, Gayle King, Tyler Perry, Katherine Heigl, Whitney Houston, Ben Stiller, Martin Lawrence, Usher, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce and Queen Latifah to name a few.

Talk about DUO by Tu La 2.
DUO by Tu La 2 Nail Polish and DUO by Tu La 2 Jewelry is our latest venture, which includes beaded and leather handmade bracelets, aprons. The proceeds help us continue our work with “Beyond the Game Women with no Excuses” which is an organization and school in Africa that we provide funds for.

Why should viewers watch this season of your show?
Viewers should check out “Big Rich Atlanta” because it’s packed with lots of action, craziness, and outlandish episodes. We definitely do not let the viewers down in the entertainment department.

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