Best shapewear for prom dresses, weddings and formal gowns


Whether you are going to your first prom, a friend’s wedding or the Academy Awards, you are going to wear a wonderful long (or short) dress and you will need support to look good in it!

Actresses swear by them, reality stars love them and even us “regular folk” have a couple of these in our wardrobes. Shapewear! It comes in many shapes and a size that is perfect for you. Wear one beneath your expensive gown to instantly lose a few inches at the waist, enhance your silhouette and uplift the bust for proper support.

Some ladies believe that buying shapewear in a smaller size will provide them with enhanced support and a thinner appearance. But the truth is that shapewear that is too small means that your bits and bumps will be popping out all over the place instead of being compressed and smoothed into your body. So get the correct size!

Here are our favorite brands for shapewear worn under formal gowns.

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