Is Fitz the one for Olivia Pope? Readers divided before ‘Scandal’ finale


Viewers prepare for the ‘Scandal’ finale 

The finale of Shonda Rhimes’ ABC hit “Scandal” airs tonight and dedicated gladiators are already preparing themselves. On the closer of the program, fans will see Olivia Pope enjoy her newly rekindled relationship with President Fitzergerald who “earned her” by potentially damning his chance at reelection. All the while we’ll learn why David Rosen is working with “The Mole” who has been identified as Billy Chambers.

According to Olivia Pope,  Kerry Washington, there’s a surprise cliffhanger in the final moments that will leave fans utterly shocked.

“The season finale — the very last line of the episode, I almost couldn’t get it out of my mouth,” Kerry Washington recently told Ellen DeGeneres about the finale.

The show’s creator Shonda Rhimes also let the following tidbit loose on Twitter;

‘The @ScandalABC finale has exactly one song. Editor Matt Ramsey and I agonized over which song it should be. It needed to be perfect.”


While we wait to be lulled by a single track before shrieking at a surprise plot twist, “Scandal” fans are already using social media to dish on the primetime hit.

In particular they’re voicing their opinions on the dynamics between Fitz and Olivia with some fans being completely against it and others supporting it 100 percent.

See what fans think about Fitz and Olivia and our “10 Reasons Fitz Is Not The One For Olivia Pope” post below. -danielle canada

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