‘Bad Girls All Star Battle’ premieres tonight: Meet the cast



 ‘Bad Girls All Star Battle’ cast

Oxygen’s latest installment in their “Bad Girls Club” franchise is a head-to -ead battle for $100,000 between 14 of the worst behaved “bad girls” of all time.

The premiere of “Bad Girls All Star Battle,” which this writer has already seen, features a gladiator style team captain competition complete with bruising and hair pulling. Later, arguably the most popular “bad girl” of all time makes an exit, and a near brawl breaks out during the show’s first elimination.

“Bad Girls All Star Battle” is exactly what fans should expect of the program — bad behavior from scantily clad women with big attitudes and even bigger personal problems. One of the girls will be devastated to learn about a death in her family but trudges on with the competition. Another will go berserk when she learns that her entire team has been plotting against her.

If you’re intrigued by ridiculous reality TV antics meshed with a gladiator style battle, tune in, if you don’t, change the channel or avoid it altogether.

“Bad Girls All Star Battle” premieres Tuesday, May 21 at 9 p.m. EST on Oxygen Network.

Meet the explosive cast below.danielle canada


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