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Susan Summons part of 1st Women’s Professional Basketball League


Susan Summons  is a nationally acclaimed international motivational speaker, author, sports educator, Hall of Fame inductee, professor, master teacher and speechwriter. She was part of the first Women’s Professional Basketball League. In an interview with her, rolling out asked the following questions:

What inspires you to go to work every day?

The passion of knowing that every day counts…and that my mother, father and brother fought with courage and strength but lost a fight to the terrible disease cancer. … Their strength is my strength to be all I can be, to touch as many lives as I can …

How did you determine your career path?

I did not want to have a box mentally for career venues. I wanted to be good in a lot of areas … so I would always be employable and become an entrepreneur.

Describe your goal-setting methods and how you evaluate your success.

Simply using the S.M.A.R.T Methodology to Goal Setting: Set the Goal (short term or long term), Goal must be measurable (set a deadline), Goal must be attainable (realistic to obtain or accomplish to avoid disappointment), and the Goal must have a timeline or deadline (which holds you accountable for accomplishing the task).

Outside of your industry, name two of role models for success.

Growing up I really didn’t have any role models as I do now but some names that come to mind are former honorable Congresswoman Carrie Meeks, Anthony Robbins, Richard Lapchick, Tom” Satch” Sanders.

Can you name three books that changed how you saw life?

Yes. Gerald Grant’s Bold Moves to Financial Wealth, John Maxwell’s Team Work Makes the Dreamwork and Resilience by Alonzo Mourning.

Based on what you do in the community, what does community success mean to you?
Each and every day I give back to various programs through volunteerism. [I am involved in] the Junior Orange Bowl, mentor at the Seagull Alternative High School for at risk youth and serve on numerous boards. Through this process I am helping to inspire people and promote the improvement of a better community.

Describe favorite vacation spot.

Disney World, Old Key West Resort, Hawaii because of the volcanic like swimming and snorkeling areas, those islands are breathtaking and the luaus are great. I love New York because of the theater district … [and] Turks & Caicos [for] simply relaxing.

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