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Penélope Cruz set to play oldest Bond girl ever

Hot penelope

Penélope Cruz is slated to play the newest Bond girl is said to play in the newest installment of the Bond movies. If being a Bond girl wasn’t news enough Cruz will be the oldest Bond girl at 40 years old by next year, when the movie will be filmed. Prior to Cruz, Honor Blackman, was the oldest Bond Girl at 39. Blackman played Goldfinger’s Pussy Galore.

Cruz is not only making history by becoming the oldest Bond girl but this will also mark the first time a Bond girl is actually close in age to cinema’s “most chauvinistic” character. The role comes after her husband, Javier Bardem, played a villain in the Bond installment, Skyfall.

She may be stuck with a stigmatic title but her body would never be described as old. Here are some of here hottest pictures.

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