Chicago to close 54 inner-city schools; will spend $100 million on a basketball arena


Mayor Rahm Emanuel is becoming one of the most hated public officials in the city of Chicago. It’s apparent that his priorities are not in place.

According to reports, the Emanuel-appointed Chicago Board of Education voted to close 54 inner-city schools in poverty-stricken areas. The board suggested that the closings were necessary because the school system faces a $1 billion deficit. The closings are the largest mass closing of any single school district in American history.

Parents, teachers and community leaders are puzzled by Emanuel’s ideas on what’s important. While 54 schools will be closed, the city has found money to build a new basketball arena at DePaul University.

Over $100 million of public funds will be allocated to the construction of the new basketball arena.

Many parents believe that the closings will have a disastrous effect on students. Some will have to travel longer distances and be forced to attend overcrowded schools. Furthermore, Chicago remains a city that is plagued by gang violence. It’s never a good idea to have rival gangs and neighborhoods in the same place.

Mayor Emanuel has only been in his position for little over a year after leaving the White House. He is already dividing the city of Chicago with his incompetent decisions involving education as it relates to those who live in poor communities.

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