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Wall Street trader beats up fitness model

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Wall Street trader Quintano Downes, 46, beat Harlem fitness model Sahara Walsh, 29, after she refused to give him a ride home.

According to Wash, she and her friend were sitting in the car talking when Downes got into the backseat of the car at 3:50 a.m. on April 28 and demanded a ride. When he was refused, he lost it. Downes dragged her out of the car, stomped her into the sidewalk, and ripped off her blouse. Then Downes called her a b—h and dragged her down the street. Walsh had never met him but the driver was a mutual friend of theirs. Downes was arrested after a witness called the police.

Downes is a managing director at Kipling Jones on Wall Street and lives two blocks  from where the incident took place. He and his wife paid $1.95 million for their Harlem  brownstone last year. Downes has stated that he was only defending himself against Walsh. ” The things she is saying are absolutely not true.”

Walsh has filed a $100,000 lawsuit against Downes in Manhattan Supreme Court. Wash is a self-employed fitness model and the altercation has left her scarred and with a clump of hair missing from her scalp, resulting in a loss of income.