Cynthia Bailey reveals Peter almost left her over fibroid issues

Cynthia Bailey & Peter Thomas - 2013 Cover

Anyone who’s watched “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” knows that Cynthia Bailey and her hubby Peter Thomas have had more than their fair share of relationship problems. They’ve endured everything from failed businesses, gargantuan debt problems, meddling in-laws to gossiping housewives, and yet their marriage has survived it all. But in a new interview with Life & Style, Bailey reveals that her marriage almost crumbled this year over her uterine fibroids.

Bailey was diagnosed with uterine fibroids, non-cancerous tumors in the uterus, two years ago, and experienced little issues until this year when they began causing her heavy bleeding, extreme stomach swelling and weight gain, and a diminished sex drive, which highly upset Thomas.

Bailey finally underwent uterine fibroid embolism this summer to correct the problem, but she says that if she hadn’t had the surgery, Thomas would’ve left her.

“We’d be divorced for sure,” Bailey said.

And Thomas agreed, saying candidly that he would’ve dumped her.

“I know we would have been done,” Thomas said. “There is absolutely no way we could have survived another year if things hadn’t changed.”

Bailey reveals that their sex life became abysmal because of the fibroids and that they sometimes went three months without sex. Thomas reveals that he was so sexually frustrated that he even contemplated cheating on his wife to satisfy his sexual needs.

“Me and my buddies were planning a trip to Venezuela because nobody knows us there.”

However, after undergoing the corrective surgery, Bailey’s energy and sex drive returned and she says that her marriage is in a far better place than it was earlier this year.

“We’re intimate a lot more now and it feels great,” she said.

Well, clearly the marriage vow “in sickness and in health” is harder to live by than some people think, especially when it comes to the loss of sex. We just wonder if Bailey would’ve left Thomas or cheated on him if he had a disease that interfered with his sex drive.

Check out some other stars who’ve suffered the same illness below. –nicholas robinson

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