Amazon joins Target, refuses to carry new Beyoncé album


Seems online retailer Amazon has decided to join Target in opposing Beyoncé’s unorthodox roll out of her new album.

As is well known by now, Beyoncé exclusively released her self-titled fifth album to Apple/ITunes for its first week in the marketplace. Physical copies of the CD/DVD hit stores Dec. 20.

Target released a statement shortly before Dec. 20 stating that they are “primarily focused on offering CDs that will be available in a physical format at the same time as all other formats,” and because Beyoncé made her album exclusive to iTunes for a week, they feel this will affect the demand in their stores for the album.

Although Amazon has released no official statement as to why they won’t carry the album, it is widely speculated that their reasoning is the same as Target’s.

Funny enough, you actually can buy Beyoncé’s album on Amazon, but only through third party retailers, not through Amazon directly. Unfortunately, some consumers are not privy to the difference as there are already complaints being written in the review sections about not receiving the accompanying videos that are available via iTunes.

TJ Armour
TJ Armour

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