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Nas names his favorite young rappers

nas kendric

Any contemporary rapper will tell you Nas has been an influence for them.

Since dropping his genre changing debut album Illmatic in 1994, Nas has been at forefront and on the cutting edge of this thing called emceeing.  He’s probably your favorite rapper’s inspiration to be acknowledged by the Queensbridge representative as an artist that he’s checking is indeed a major accolade.

When asked recently as far as the newer emcees in the game who he liked, Nas name checked a few of his favorite young spitters.

“Mac Miller’s my man,” Nas said, then added additional emcees to the list. “Drizzy, Kendrick, J.Cole. It’s a couple of good fellas out there that I’m feeling.”

In 2006 when he released the album Hip-Hop Is Dead, it’s safe to say that at the moment he didn’t like the way things were looking, but now he’s singing a different tune.

“Hip-Hop’s going where it’s supposed to go in 2014. It’s going in a great direction,” Nas added.