Thais Mills @EnticingObjects talks about her creative passion


Name:  Thais Mills

Companies:  Enticing Objects,,

Title: CEO
What is it that you do? and Why did you pursue your passion?

 I wrote my first poem at 9 and fell in love with the written word. At 15 I landed my dream job as a Creative Writing Instructor at an Art Camp at Joe Brown Park in New Orleans. 3 weeks into the job I was offered to moonlight as an Art Instructor in the 5-6 yr olds class and I fell in love. I’ve been painting ever since. This propelled me into painting / creating fun things. The parents of the kids would order pieces for their kids rooms etc so I launched a dot com and never looked back.

How do you keep inspired?

My passion for art quickly evolved into my purpose. It overwhelmed me to create an original piece then watch how others desired it for their living spaces. I knew it was all I wanted to do so I set out to build a full collection.  Seeing my mother’s face. She’s my biggest supporter and has been for almost 20 years. Now that I’m a new mom (hey Iyla Grace) it’s almost overwhelming being able to support her by doing something I’d do for free. It’s amazing to encourage young girls that their actual art pastimes can secure their futures.

What is one thing you wish you knew before you started your own business?

I wish I’d evacuated from Hurricane Katrina with more of my art.  Post 2005 theres not much of my works that wasn’t swept away in the flood. It’s always a tearful moment when I’m contacted by an art buyer who salvaged a piece painted before Hurricane Katrina.  I was just a featured designer at one of the largest plus size fashion shows in Texas (Big Girls Rock 2). There I debut my handmade / hand-painted hair flower collection ( Being a part of more shows is something I’m eager to see happen

What advice would you give to a new entrepreneur in your industry?

That if you are passionate about a hobby or a pastime find innovative ways to secure your future with it. If you love doing it for free imagine how rewarding it will be to make a living from it. Thanks for the interview the questions, they were intense. !!

Thanks for the interview the questions were intense. !! Hair Flower Couture Home Decor

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