Ngozi Opara in HFH

Ngozi Opara of Heat Free Hair interview

Heat Free Hair extensions are a natural hair aficionado’s dream and offer a way to blend curls and kinks with lustrous locks that look like their own.

Below  Ngozi Opara, the beauty behind Heat Free Hair, dishes on her unique line that’s a growing favorite among celebs and naturals looking for protective styling. -danielle canada

When did you launch Heat Free Hair?

Heat Free Hair launched in December 2012. However, it took about a year of planning before[hand] in 2011. It really took off in 2012.

What is Heat Free Hair exactly?

Heat Free Hair is 100 percent virgin hair; it’s unprocessed hair and it comes in three textures. We have the For Koils collection which is a loose kinky curl for 3b-3c naturals. Then we have For Kurls, our most popular texture and that’s a kinky curly texture. Then we have For Kinks which is our kinkiest one that blends really well with afro textured hair. Anyone who is natural should be able to find something that will blend with their hair based on this type of texture.

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What are the benefits of using Heat Free Hair?

Number one, you’re able to have a protective style which is essential to the natural hair growth process. So with us you’re able to do that, but with hair that looks like your hair. It’s a good way to protect but not lose your hairstyle in the process. Also the health benefits of not putting heat on your hair for the sake of blending with a weave, that’s a tremendous benefit as well.

What styles can you do with Heat Free Hair?

Have fun with it! The good thing about having a weave that looks and acts like your hair is that you can manipulate it however you want and not worry about, “is this going to make my hair fall out in the process?” If you’re worried about trying new products on your hair, use Heat Free Hair first. A lot of people get a lot of benefits of doing twist-outs because it makes the hair last longer than doing some of the more tightly curled styles. Recently, I’ve been wearing my hair full-out and curled with a curling wand. I love that, and I’m not putting any heat on my [own] hair.

Tell me about Heat Free Hair’s new wig line?

We just launched wigs and clip-in extensions and they come in three lengths. Our shortest length is called our Queen length, our medium length is called our Empress length and our longest length is called our Goddess length. That came from seeing customers saying “we want our Heat Free hairstyle to look like this; what collection and what length do we have to buy to achieve that?” So we narrowed it down to shapes that we were getting the most requests for. That’s how we created the different lengths and shapes for each collection.

Bre Scullark (C) and other models don Heat Free Hair

Bre Scullark (C) and other models don Heat Free Hair

How can someone achieve Bre Scullark’s Heat Free Hair look?

Bre has our For Koils collection, 3B-3C collection hair. Each of of her wigs were made with different looks from our wig collection. If you wanted to have the Bre look you can decide on wefted hair, clip-ins or the wigs she wore.
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