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Jesse Jackson Jr. put in solitary and then moved to another jail

Jesse Jackson Jr.

By all reports Jesse Jackson Jr., has been moved from a North Carolina federal prison where he was in solitary confinement to a minimum security prison at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. The exact reason for his move was not given, but sources indicate that prison officials found him to be a disruptive element. Apparently in true Jackson style, he began listening to his fellow inmates, informing them of their rights and organizing the elements of the prison population to file legal grievances with the federal department of corrections.

A prison guard took exception to Jackson’s activities and had him put into solitary confinement for five days. After leaving solitary confinement, an administrative hearing was held and Jackson was found to be innocent of any violations. Because of this occurrence, Jackson requested to be moved to another federal facility and the request was granted after a one month delay. Jackson is currently serving a 2 ½ year sentence for illegally using campaign money and is due to be released sometime during October of 2015. His wife, Sandi Jackson, was also convicted of campaign finance crimes and was sentenced to one year in prison. Because the Jackson’s have two small children, the judge took leniency and will allow Sandi Jackson to begin her sentence after the release of her husband.