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Robin Roberts cries over impact of her coming out story

Robin Roberts - Coming Out cover

Robin Roberts’ life has served as an inspiration to millions over the years, especially because of her public battle with cancer. But Roberts became even more of an inspiration last year when she came out as gay and revealed her long-term relationship to her girlfriend, Amber Laign. Recently, Roberts opened up about the impact of her coming out story and says she was brought to tears when she heard about how her coming out affected one young man’s life.

During a recent interview on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” via Mediaite, Roberts’ explained that a young gay man approached CBS’ Gayle King and told her how Roberts’ coming out story helped him repair his relationship with his disapproving mother.

“Somebody came up to her — and this catches me,” Roberts said while choking up. “A young man whose mother was having a tough time and said, ‘if it’s OK for Robin, it’s OK for my son.’”

“We were pleasantly surprised that there was a big shrug of the shoulders,” Roberts said of the reaction to her coming out. “So many people have come up to me — and it wasn’t even a part of the story I was really thinking about, but the number of young people that said they can now have a conversation with their parents … I find it surprising that somebody in your family that doesn’t even know me, but for whatever reason it helps you understand your own family member’s orientation, wow. I’ve been so busy fighting for my life that I didn’t think about that aspect of the story, but I’m very grateful that it is creating dialogue for families.”

And that, besides the freedom of living your truth, is the greatest reward that Roberts could’ve gained for coming out. And it’s great that others who are following in her footsteps will do the same for others struggling with their sexuality and identity. – nicholas robinson


  1. butter bean sugar on May 20, 2014 at 12:54 pm

    tell this to joel olsteen o r td jake ..or any minister in america they mostly believe your hell bound if your gay .. and they welcome you to come to the church if your gonna be redeemed and cleansed of your mental ill issue of being gay .. most preachers in america dont admitt it but they dont accept gay and lesbian as being of god .. they say the bible speaks highly against this . and they will take your money if you come to their church but the seat you in the back of the church if they know who you are ummmm?
    i say people are just people god is all of us . i dont judge people you have to find peace and surrenity within . god will take care of the rest . i rather be with a gay person that a straight one whom is unloving evil ,,vendictive . and not happy .. os good for robin she is finally happy with her self .. shes a strong woman . and prideful .. and yes her triump was gods plann for her only …. so dont judge

  2. butter bean sugar on May 21, 2014 at 1:05 pm

    i like robin roberts , its just i dont know what took her so long to admitt what everyone knew . if you notice nbc and cbs started getting rid of every oen who come out the closet …. anderson cooper was given his own show ,,, sam champion was let go , they say he quit … soon as he come out the closet he was gone … josh from good morning america was let go …. and they say he quit … robin roberts is tougher to let go cause of her cancer and so many peole feel sorry for her too. so to give her the ax would have pissed the elderly viewers off …
    they need to get ride of rat teeth savanah guthrie and boring natalie … and omg TAMARA THE LAUGHT HYIENNA .. that black chick tamara laughts like someone put feather under her feet …. she is soooo goofy ..
    debra roberts al rokers wife was too serious lol so they needed a goofy one so they hired her .. nothing is funny all the time . and she then trys to do a straight face and cant jezzzz she get on my dam nerves .. shes pretty though …
    robin roberts as much as i want to wish her well ,she should not have waited this long to come out ….. she was so bent on believing people didnt know she was gay she misssed the ball .. . WE ALREADY KNEW .. LOOK AT HER HAIR AND HOW SHE DRESS .. and you never heard of her even on a date with a man we aint stupid in tv land