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A curvy girl’s new best friend: Bandelettes

Bandelettes in Black Onyx

These bands will definitely make you dance, especially if your thighs touch. Summer heat amplifies the effects of what some call “chub rub”— when your thighs rub together. After a hot day of walking in the sun and heat, whether wearing a skirt or shorts, thighs can become red and irritated, making it uncomfortable to walk. It’s not as horrifying as it sounds, but it definitely is a hindrance to summer fun.

Luckily, a small New York-based company has invented an ingenious product that completely eliminates “chub rub,” the Bandelette.

Bandelettes in Beige 1004

The Bandelette looks like the top of a sexy pair of thigh-highs with rubberlike strips on the inside to prevent the band from slipping while walking.

Bandelettes come in red, black and beige. The sizes range from A-F with measurements for each size. In order to find out your size, take a tape measure and measure from the largest part of your thigh.

We were sent a pair to try out and give this product two thumbs up!

Worn under a loose-fitting dress, the Bandalettes were placed at the highest part of the thigh and worn all day without any irritation, it was not noticeable under clothing and didn’t need readjustment throughout the day.

The initial feeling takes a little getting used to, as you feel like they may fall but they won’t. It could have also been separation anxiety!

Bandelettes are definitely a summer must-have for gals whose thighs touch.

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