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Last month, the second season of the Netflix hit, “Orange Is the New Black” launched and like many, I binge-watched.

One of the more layered characters, Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, portrayed by Nigerian-American actress Uzo Aduba, drops little gems of knowledge when you’d least expect it. In the second season, viewers learn  more about the adopted child of white parents who tried too hard to force a “square peg into a round hole.” For Warren, a misunderstood child grew up to be a misunderstood adult — contributing to her incarcerated demise.

Season three of the series began filming in June — but prior, Aduba did this hilarious audition tape for various “OITNB” characters. The jury is still out on whether this a real audition, but it’s hilarious either way. Check it out below:

Hilarious: Uzo Aduba of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ audition tape leaked