Drake vs. Lil Wayne opening night: Who was the big winner?


Drake Vs. Lil Wayne kicked off last night at the Darien Lake Performance Arts Center in New York, and the two megastars of YMCMB got things started with a rousing opening night. Drake and Weezy breezed through their biggest hits while slinging a few playful barbs at each other throughout the show.

The show opened with a video introduction directly lifted from the “Street Fighter” video game series, featuring the student (Drake) facing off against the teacher (Lil Wayne). Wayne takes the stage first, running through a stellar opening salvo of “Blunt Blowin,” “John” and “Steady Mobbin’.”

Drake took the stage immediately after, pumping out “Draft Day,” “We Made It” and “The Language.” After Drake reminds Wayne of his double-threat status as a rapper and singer, Wayne delivers the night’s funniest jab, hitting Drake with “I’ve been making hits since you were in a wheelchair”–Weezy’s not-so-subtle shot at Drake’s time as the paralyzed Jimmy on “Degrassi” got a roar from the crowd.

But Drake, during his performance of “Marvin’s Room,” literally took things higher, rapping from a platform soaring above the crowd. Wayne re-emerged wearing a bathrobe, stating that Drake bored him so much he went backstage to freshen up. The two rhymer’s then both took a bit of a break, with their respective DJs–Future the Prince and DJ 45–taking over and having a battle of their own to see who could keep the crowd energetic during the intermission.

Drake and Wayne then re-emerged, with Wayne blasting through his scorching verse on Juicy J’s “Bandz a Make Her Dance” and Drake following with his lines from 2 Chainz’s “No Lie.”

The fans voted for the winner via an app, with Lil Tunechi coming out victorious over his young rival. Drake humbly accepts defeat, but then the pair run through “The Moto,” “Believe Me,” and their newly-released “Grindin,’” before closing the show with “HYFR.”

If this is just the beginning, this could be an awesome series of shows.

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