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The Game’s Instagram libel lawsuit delayed


Over the weekend, a California judge postponed a default judgement against The Game, who is being sued for defaming his children’s former nanny on Instagram.

In what is being referred to as the first Instagram libel case, Judge Mitchell Beckloff delayed his judgement until Feb. 24 to give plaintiff Karen Monroe and her attorney more time to prove claims of lost income as a result of The Game’s inflammatory posts concerning her. Monroe claims to have had to undergo therapy as a result of the ordeal as well.

Judge Beckloff made a prior request for documentation of Monroe’s claims this past November when Monroe’s attorney, Manu Elloie, moved for judgement after the rapper failed to respond to the initial lawsuit.

In July 2013, Monroe sued the “Celebration” rapper after he allegedly made defamatory remarks about her on Instagram, accusing her of neglecting his kids and referring to her as “a very dangerous babysitter.”

According to Monroe’s lawsuit, Game fabricated a tale of firing her for yelling at his children, engaging in sexual intercourse with her boyfriend in his children’s room, and claimed that she was run out of Northern California, where she is originally from, to “escape from her past of inappropriately touching children.”

During the Nov. 25 proceedings, Judge Beckloff noted the lawsuit looked to be based on “merely one incident of defendant posting social media content on June 20, 2013,” before Elloie informed him that the single post was accessible to about 2.3 million people.

Monroe claims to have been fired as nanny to Kelis and Nas’ young son and received numerous death threats because of the Instagram post.