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Solange Knowles' rep clears up tax lien situation


From all indications, it appears that Solange Knowles’ run in with the state of California may have just been one big misunderstanding.

As previously reported, the “Losing You” singer was in hot water to the tune of a $55,000 tax lien as a result of not paying taxes from 2010-2012. According to TMZ, the lien came just three days after Solange exchanged vows with music video director, Alan Ferguson.

On the contrary a rep for Solange told E! News that the whole situation was an easily fixable mix-up.

“The lien is in the process of being removed as there was simply confusion on whether Solange was a California resident,” Sarah Cunningham said. “We can expect this to come to a swift close.”

A second source close to the situation told E! that Solange wasn’t horribly concerned with the situation as shown by her tongue in-cheek tweet about the matter that simply read “thanks for letting me know!”

“Solange wasn’t too worried,” the source said. “She’s on top of stuff and has always been financially responsible.”

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