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The Black Heritage Exhibition in Chicago helps preserve Black culture

(Painting by Gerald Griffin)

Christ Universal Temple Church had the honor of hosting the Black Heritage Exhibition this past weekend.

The exhibit included multiple oil, acrylic and pen and ink painting styles that documented the oppression of Black people and our ancestral roots. They told a triumphant story of perseverance and highlighted the work of our noble scholars who have paved the way. Icons like Martin Luther King Jr., Booker T. Washington, Rosa Parks and Barack Obama were all featured. Local artist Keith David Connor, who curated the event, featured some of his most phenomenal artwork. He expressed that he was honored to have so many talented and prestigious local artists’ work in one room.

(Painting by Keith David Connor)

Visitors and artists alike crowded around the exhibit in awe at the powerful statements each piece of art made.

“The artwork here is absolutely stunning. I love it because it tells me something about their identity and what these people were doing at that time,” said Everett Williams, one of the featured artists. One of his prized pieces, “Rosa” captivated many of the attendees as well.  rosa1

(Painting by Everett Williams)

Gwendolyn Flagg was another attendee at the exhibit who appreciated the time and effort each painter took to exhibit such amazing pieces. “I’m always amazed at the talent that’s present in our city. The originality and creativity always astound me,” she said.

The Black Heritage Vision Gallery will run until March 29, 2015. Check out some more featured pieces.