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‘Love & Hip Hop’ episode 11 best moments

Cyn gets closure with Erica

Cyn tries to find closure with Erica

Cyn claims that Erica has been talking about her since their breakup and she decides to confront Erica to find closure. When they meet, Cyn immediately gets emotional and tears up and she questions Erica about whether she cheated on her with Bow Wow. Erica swears that she and Bow Wow got together after their breakup, but when Cyn asks her if she still feels anything for her, Erica says she feels nothing and that she’s moved on. Cyn explains to Erica that she wants to hate her, but she still genuinely cares for her, and Erica cries as she says she never meant to hurt Cyn. Cyn wishes Erica the best in life and they finally part ways with some closure.

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