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Nicki Minaj offers tips for being a boss lady


Nicki Minaj wants to help you focus on your vision! In an industry dominated by male heavy hitters, the 32-year-old femcee has managed to maintain a presence in the hip-hop industry and extend her talents to both small-screen and big-screen projects, including “American Idol” and “The Other Woman,” starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton.

With a lucrative Young Money record deal, a plethora of awards, including six Grammy nominations, four American Music Awards, multiple big endorsement deals with companies like MAC, OPI and Pepsi and bragging rights as the most-charted female rapper in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, there’s no question that Minaj runs the rap game. So who better to give young women a few pointers on being a boss lady? In a May interview for Glamour magazine, the “Bed of Lies” recording artist drops a few gems of knowledge on how to take over the world.

“I wanted to take my time with [my new album] and show people I was capable of making something people could really relate to,” she explains.

“Jay Z has always been a role model because he inspires people [to believe] they can go from selling drugs to being one of the most celebrated businessmen of our time. That’s what I want to do for young girls, to say, ‘It doesn’t matter where you started in your life. You too can become a mogul and anything you want to be,’ ” Minaj added.

The key to becoming a mogul? Be yourself, even if that means wearing your favorite cotton candy-colored wig and flaunting your best asset …

“I like looking more toned down now. I haven’t been doing it for other people; I’ve been doing it for myself. I do think when people see you [looking more] toned back, they take you more seriously. But women should do what makes them happiest and strongest. I wore my colorful wigs to meetings with millionaires and people I’d looked up to forever. I was a businesswoman closing humongous deals even when I had pink hair.”

With that said, don’t let labels get to you. “I used to be so, so hurt by the way women are labeled as b—-es—it would just make me angry. I would work around powerful men all day, every day, and their attitudes were horrible, but a man just gets a pass. He gets The Man Pass!”

If you ask us, Minaj is simply saying play to your strengths and always be confident. What do you think of Minaj’s tips for success? Sound off in the comment section below.