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Rapper, single father King Carter won’t give up on his passion

Photo Courtesy: King Carter
Photo Courtesy: King Carter

What inspired you to be in the entertainment industry?
My need to creatively share my story and views in my world inspired me to pursue a career in the the entertainment industry. My music is my therapy!

Tell me about your project with artist Anthony Hamilton.
Well me and Anthony Hamilton are both from Charlotte, N.C. and he rehearses in the same building I own a studio in. I approached him one day asking if he knew who I was and if he could listen to a song I’m working on. He said, “Yeah, of course I know you, King Carter and of course I will listen.” So, I played him a song called “Grateful” that I was working on for my album Therapy. He loved it! I asked him if he would like to collaborate on it, and he said he would love to. He came back a week later and we did that song and four others.

At what point did you know that you had what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry?
The moment I realized I had what it takes to make it was when I realized no one was doing what I was doing. Everybody these days is just making songs that sound good; it’s no substance in hip-hop these days. I make music that evokes emotions. I know I have what it takes when strangers reach out to me and tell me how my music has touched them to the point of [drawing] tears. Plus, God came to me in my sleep and told me I’m the best.

What has been your biggest challenge on this path?
My biggest challenge on this path has been myself. And by that, I mean there are times when I wasn’t strong enough, mentally, to not allow other people’s opinions affect me and influence my decision. For instance, I can have my plan set and allow someone, whose opinion I should respect, tell me I’m doing something wrong and let that change my vision. But now, my mind is stronger; and if it’s not my way, it’s no way.

What has been your most proud moment?
I don’t have a moment where I’ve been most proud. Everyday I wake up I’m living to make that day better than the [last]. So, I can say every moment that God blesses me with life is my most proud moment.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
In five years I will no longer be “becoming” your favorite artist; I will be your favorite artist! I will be considered a pioneer in this movement to bring substance back to hip-hop.

When can the public expect to hear some new music from you?
I own Hit Palace Studios, so I’m always recording. You can hear new music from me as soon as tomorrow.

What other artists would you like to collaborate with?
It’s no artist in specific that I want to collaborate with; I’ll just let the music tell me who would sound good on whichever track with me.

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