Can Maury bring Rachel Dolezal and her parents back together?

Photo credit: Rachel Dolezal via Facebook
Photo credit: Rachel Dolezal via Facebook

Could Rachel Dolezal end up on “Maury?” According to TMZ, “Maury” executive producer Paul Faulhaber and his team are now actively trying to book Dolezal and her parents.

Faulhaber says he wants to give all three a DNA test and reveal the results on the show. While none of us would be shocked to see that the man and woman listed on her birth certificate are indeed her parents, Dolezal has questioned her genetic relationship to Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal, telling NBC, “I haven’t had a DNA test. There’s been no biological proof that Larry and Ruthanne are my biological parents.”

Well, if thats the truth, Maury is definitely her man.

Although the paternity test show is on hiatus, Faulhaber says if he can book the trio, he’ll assemble the crew and, of course, Maury himself to shoot the special. Should Dolezal sign on the dotted line, her appearance could very well rank among Maury’s top five. Right up there with the woman who had twins and the DNA test showed the guy on the show only fathered one!

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