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Rapper YG speaks out after being shot, ‘I’m hard to kill’

Photo credit: @YG via Instagram

Photo credit: @YG via Instagram

On June 13, rapper YG suffered three gunshot wounds to the hip around 1:45 a.m. at a Los Angeles studio. Fortunately for the recording artist, the shooting was not fatal and he was able to escape the attack to seek treatment at a local hospital.

According to reports, police arrived at the scene where they found multiple shell casings as well as blood on the sidewalk but when they went to interview YG at the hospital the rapper was “very uncooperative.” Reps for the “Don’t Tell ‘Em” rapper have since come forward, stating that his injuries were not life-threatening and he was doing fine.

Now, for the first time since the shooting, YG is speaking out about the incident, downplaying it altogether. “I got shot in my hip, but I’m all right,” YG told Billboard.

When asked about possible culprits, YG didn’t seem to care too much. “I don’t know, and it don’t matter. I got lucky because a main artery is right there, right around the groin. The bullet didn’t go that deep, and it didn’t hit any bones.”

YG also shut down any rumor that the shooting was gang-related. “It was not gang-related at all. It just happened out of the blue. We don’t know who did it, we don’t know why. We don’t know nothing [sic].”

As for what was going through his head during the incident, YG said he just wanted to live. “After I got shot, I’m telling everybody, ‘Take me to the hospital, because I can’t die.’ We hop in my homie’s car and bam — we got in a car accident! We hit a [median] trying to avoid another car. We had to hop out of the totaled car, hop in another car. At the hospital we had to tell people, ‘Take me serious right now — you don’t even understand what’s going on.’ It was wild,”

What’s even more wild, is how reticent and vague YG was with authorities when it came to finding any leads. We get it … no snitching. But when it comes to your life, something’s got to give.

The interview took a turn for the worse when the rapper was questioned about his past history with guns and who gifted him with his first firearm..

“Ohhhh [laughs out loud]. You are going to make me look like a terrible person. People are already feeling some type of way about this, you feel me? If I put all that out there, it’s just going to keep scaring people. I’m going to keep it real. But, at the same time, I just got shot and I’m already getting blackballed for me being shot. That s— [is] already going on. This is the first interview, so if I come out YG on Billboard talking about guns and all this s—, it’s going to make me look like … you feel me?”

Although YG’s explanation for the shooting was extremely vague, we have a feeling he knows exactly who shot him and why. How do you think YG handled his first post-shooting interview? Sound off in the comment section below.


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