Zoe Kravitz branded too ‘urban’ for ‘Dark Knight Rises’ role

Photo credit: @nylonmag via Instagram
Photo credit: @nylonmag via Instagram

Was Zoe Kravitz denied an audition for the Dark Knight Rises because she was too “urban”?

According to the 26-year-old singer-actress, she learned the hard way, that in Hollywood, her look isn’t always what the casting agents have in mind.

“In the last Batman movie, they told me that I couldn’t get an audition for a small role they were casting because they weren’t ‘going urban,’ ” Kravitz told Nylon mag about trying to get a role in The Dark Knight Rises, which hit the big screen in 2012. “It was like, ‘What does that have to do with anything?’ I have to play the role like, ‘Yo, what’s up, Batman? What’s going on wit chu?’ ”

As you can imagine, this was a blow to Kravitz, who in the past admits she used to compartmentalize so-called White and Black culture when she was a child.

“I identified with White culture, and I wanted to fit in,” she said about being one of the few Black kids in a predominantly White school. “I didn’t identify with Black culture, like, I didn’t like Tyler Perry movies, and I wasn’t into hip-hop music. I liked Neil Young.”

So she gets where the filmmakers’ assumption was coming from — a misguided place.

“Black culture is so much deeper than that,” the Mad Max: Fury Road actress told Nylon, “but unfortunately that is what’s fed through the media. That’s what people see. That’s what I saw. But then I got older and listened to A Tribe Called Quest and watched films with Sidney Poitier, and heard Billie Holiday and Nina Simone. I had to un-brainwash myself. It’s my mission, especially as an actress.”

Regardless of the snub, Kravitz’s career has certainly come a long way since 2012. She can be seen in X-Men: First Class, the Divergent franchise and her latest project, Dope. She also had a recurring role on the Showtime series “Californication.”

R. Hawkins
R. Hawkins

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  1. IF SHE WASNT lenny kravitz daughter whites love him ,,she would not have gotten any roles she is not mega pretty and she built funny like her daddy .. she does look to jamacian and you have to do like halle berry change your hair and clothing and take more photos in short and long hair buitl a portfolio impressive to show you got diversity .. cut them dam braids and show who you are , braids are wack anyway no one is wearing them every day year after year , she really is behind in time .. she would do good with some black long hair like ciara , and get in the gym or somthing she is not that pretty to me . .averge .

  2. I guess “Black” culture is Tyler Perry movies and Hip-Hop. Spoken like a true member of the dominant society. This is your kid’s brain on white supremacy.

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