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Music » 10 reasons we want Serena Williams and Drake to get married

10 reasons we want Serena Williams and Drake to get married

Since dating Serena we've seen a more buffed up Drake (photo from @champagnepapi Instagram)

Since dating Serena we’ve seen a more buffed up Drake (photo from @champagnepapi Instagram)

OK! Magazine has reported that Drake proposed to Serena Williams on a recent trip home to Toronto. Fans didn’t see marriage in the tennis-superstar-meets-hip-hop-superstars’ immediate future, but after witnessing Drake at every tennis match Serena has had over the last year and his notable presence at her recent NYFW shows, it’s no surprise the two are serious about their relationship.

As we know some relationships prove great for business and this pair could just increase their pop culture profile by sealing the deal. Here are 10 reasons explaining why we think Drake and Serena could score big if they were exclusive.

  1. They are both undeniably the best in their respective field. Serena has murdered anyone who dared to challenge her on the tennis court including her own sister Venus. While rap doesn’t have a tangible scoreboard like tennis, Drake has more songs on radio than any of his rap peers. We won’t mention the blatant way he snuffed out Meek Mill’s manhood with his response on “Back 2 Back.”
  2. Their families are a big part of their success story.  Serena’s father was the inspiration for her career, and she has spoken about how hard he pushed her and her sister. Drake’s mother was a big part of his success. Raised by a single mother, he makes no secret that she is his number one girl.
  3. Serena has inspired Drake to have the best male rap body ever and quite possibly the best beard. We aren’t sure if it’s because he’s trying to keep up with her body or if Drake just recently became inspired, but since dating Serena, Drake’s gym game has graduated and he is looking scrumptious.
  4. The relationship will make for great commentary on records. Art imitates life and we know Drake is one of the best at writing lyrics that resonate with women. This relationship should provide him with an even deeper perspective and will lead to some great radio records about love and even marriage.
  5. They are equally famous, yet their careers don’t conflict with each other. Unlike actors and musicians who often have a hard time finding a balance, Serena’s athlete to Drake’s rapper should prove a complement and wouldn’t present any competition issues.
  6. We like watching Drake cheer Serena on at her tennis matches. It makes him seem less self-absorbed and his presence could give her balance.
  7.  Making things official with Serena will keep Drake out of the strip clubs or at least keep him from publicly financing anymore dancers. While he has helped many dancers find their way to financial freedom, being with Serena would no doubt make him more responsible.
  8. Every rapper should have a woman with a fat ass and Serena is naturally killing the video vixens trying to get bodies like hers. If Serena and Drake take it to the next level, he will have the girl with the hottest body wearing his ring hands down.
  9. They would have really cute, super-talented kids. Can you imagine a kid with Serena’s thick thighs and Drake’s thick hair?  They would have kids cute enough to be in Toys R’ Us commercials.
  10. Domination! We know both Serena and Drake are driven by their need to compete and dominate the competition.  Both totally dominate their competition and their union would mean they have even more support to motivate each other to stay on top. I don’t think either would be ready to relinquish their respective crown for quite some time.