Key and Peele team with Vine sensation King Bach for new Fox sitcom

King Bach
Source: Comedy Central / Twitter – @KingBach

Comedy duo Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have lined up their next television series on the heels of bringing their award-winning “Key and Peele” sketch show to a close on Comedy Central.

However, instead of starring in the new show themselves, the duo tapped popular Vine personality King Bach to star in the as-of-yet untitled Fox comedy about an undercover cop who goes back to the rough neighborhood he grew up in to take on the bad guys who used to bully him when they were kids.

The series will mark the first leading role for Bach, born Andrew Bachelor, who came to prominence via the social media site Vine, which allows users to share six-second looping video clips. Bach has over 14 million followers on the site and more than five billion loops (views) of his videos. Bach has thus far been able to parlay his growing popularity into guest roles on a number of shows, including “Black Jesus,” “House of Lies,” “Key and Peele,” and “The Mindy Project.”

In addition to the Bach series, Key and Peele have a number of forthcoming projects, both collectively and solo.

The pair worked alongside longtime producing partner Alex Rubens on an upcoming movie they wrote, produced, and star in titled Keanu. The duo also have a new installment of the famed Police Academy franchise coming soon, a movie based upon their massively popular “Substitute Teacher” skit, and another comedy project with Judd Apatow. Individually, Key will be a part of a new film called Don’t Think Twice, as well as one of the stars lending his voice to the heavily anticipated Angry Birds movie, while Peele is hard at work on a horror film titled Get Out.

No air date has been given for the King Bach-led sitcom.

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