Photo courtesy of Wright Productions

Photo courtesy of Wright Productions

Wright Sisters of Wright Productions

Under promise and over deliver – When pitching for new business, it is easy to over communicate and over promise to your new potential client.  If you fall short on delivering expectations, it can be more harmful to the integrity and growth of your business. It is more important for you to be realistic and honest in your approach as it gives your company the opportunity to go beyond and do more than what is expected. Exceeding your clients expectations enhances business growth through repeat clients and referral business.

Wright Productions is a full service event production, brand management, and experiential marketing firm based in Los Angeles. The company is owned by three sisters: Mena, Iyana and Shantee. Present and former clients include Erica Campbell, April Daniels, Waka Flaka, BMW,  Pernod Ricard, Soul Train Awards, Meek Mills, Serena Williams Fund, and Jared Dudley, to name a few. For more information please visit and @wrightprods_ on Instagram and Twitter.

Courtney Bell

Courtney Bell is passionate about helping people achieve their goals. She is a Life Coach, Professor, and Blogger with over ten years of experience creating strategies for adults and students to live the lives they desire. Courtney currently lives in Chicago. Like her Facebook page – Courtney Bell Coaches and follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @cbellcoaches.