Keena shares her natural hair journey

Photos by Melanie L. Brown for Steed Media Service
Photos by Melanie L. Brown for Steed Media Service

Why did you decide to go natural?
I wanted to have healthy hair. I’ve had a long, strenuous journey with the “creamy crack” [relaxer] and going natural was [an alternative]. First of all, I did my research and my mother actually is a hairstylist and she does natural hair, but not as much … but … she was like just go natural.

How do you take care of your natural hair?
Coconut oil, shea butter, Shea Moisture, and co-wash with conditioner three or four times a week.

What are your favorite three products for your hair?
Shea Moisture is just really natural shea butter, coconut oil, and for edge control I use the wonderful EcoStyler gel with olive oil.

Two favorite styles for natural hair.
Sponge method makes your curls pop, makes your hair look more textured, and a fade.

What would you tell a person … ? You should go natural because …
You should go natural because chemicals in general are not good for your hair but on top of all those other issues, you have other things going on already especially if you don’t have a healthy diet, you know, adding chemicals too is just not safe and also heat [is bad]. Well, when I had the “creamy crack,” I was constantly flat ironing my hair, but since I went natural I don’t use heat on my hair anymore. The only time I put heat on my hair is when I do like a deep conditioner.

I am natural because…
I went natural because I was thinning.

Two emotions while going natural.
First one was excitement to be on this natural journey. The other emotion was definitely nervousness because taking care of my hair always has to be a priority.

Overall benefits for going natural.
Can go straight and blow your hair out and be curly. More companies are catering to black women and the biggest benefit is not worrying about getting your hair wet because obviously water is moisture and you want your hair to be wet. It’s raining? Don’t even worry about that.

One thing that surprised you going natural.
It’s actually to me not as difficult to take care of your hair as people make it out to be. Obviously, you go to Youtube and obviously you go check out [the] different Youtubers and see what they have to say.

Has anyone ever asked to touch your natural hair?
Yes. People asked to touch my hair when I had less hair. Like when I had a fade, they asked to touch my head because my waves were on seasick.

What are your social media handles?
@Keena.renee on IG & Twitter

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