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Zoe Saldana’s ‘Nina’ releases 1st poster, faces backlash

Photo credit: Entertainment Weekly

Photo credit: Entertainment Weekly

Black Twitter is outraged yet again over Zoe Saldana’s Nina. As previously reported in 2012, the Internet was up in arms over rumors the Guardians of the Galaxy actress was cast to play the legendary African American singer Nina Simone.

According to the press release, Saldana will portray Simone, “one of the century’s most extraordinary talents, a 15-time Grammy nominee and Grammy Hall of Fame recipient; her mesmerizing songs and passionate politics combined to make her the unforgettable Nina Simone. But fame and fortune came with a price, and her later years were riddled with depression, alcohol abuse and isolation. Rediscovering the meaning of her life and work took courage, strength and one true friend: Clifton Henderson (David Oyelowo), the man who started out as her assistant and eventually became her loyal manager. With Clifton’s encouragement, the “high priestess of soul” began a courageous journey back to her music … and, eventually, herself.”

”What kept me from getting stressed and being hurt by the negative comments is that I’m doing it for my sisters and my brothers and I don’t care who tells me I’m not this or I’m not that. I know who I am and I know what Nina Simone means to me,” said Zaldana in response to the initial backlash. “I did it all for love. Out of love for Nina, my people and who I am and my pride of being a Black woman and a Latina woman and an American woman. That’s my truth.”

Unfortunately for the big screen veteran, she was met with another round of harsh criticism this week, after the project released the film’s official poster. On Tuesday, March 1, users immediately hopped on Twitter to point out that Saldana looks nothing like Simone, who struggled to balance music, family and what she believed left her living in exile from her home country.


Meanwhile, Nina is moving full speed ahead, with a release date of April 22. Check out some of the best and worst Twitter reactions to the highly anticipated biopic below and tell us (despite the lack of resemblance) do you think Saldana has the acting chops to pull off the role?

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1 Comment

  1. Sherri Etienne on March 2, 2016 at 12:43 pm

    Casting Zoe Saldana was in very poor taste, but in Hollywood, screw a look; they go for who’s hot at the moment and sadly it was Zoe. Now what’s even sadder will be the lack of support this film receives which would be a total waste of a powerful piece of black history. Nina Simone was incredible and she deserved a better representation of her being, and Zoe wasn’t it. Even if she acts her azz off (doubtfully), she’s already lost her audience. In which case, it will be a waste… All hail Nina Simone!!!