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Black hair is popping right now; just ask these 5 must-know hair vloggers


Photo credit- Instagram(sashabasha2)

It goes without saying that YouTube has totally revolutionized the beauty space by allowing dynamic personalities the ability to organically create massive followings. Within the Black beauty space, this impact is particularly felt as thousands of vloggers stretching the globe have all made a mad dash to stake their piece of a massive (and still growing) pie. As with most things, it takes a while to sift through the muck to get to the real jewels in this space. While there are many metrics used to determine the best of the best, with monthly income typically living at the top of the list, we’ve identified five hair vloggers that it would be in your best interest to bookmark today. They are the creme of the crop — not just because of their massive followings, but because they are true masters of the craft who exude a pure love for the intricacies of Black hair.

  1. Glamtwinz334


Photo credit- Instagram (glamtwinz334)

The Subscribers: 583, 347

The channel:

The website:


2. Naptural85


Photo credit-Instagram(Naptural85)

The subscribers: 790,460

The channel:

The website: www.

3. MahoganyCurls


Photo credit- Instagram (MahoganyCurls)

The subscribers: 25,411,429 views

The channel:

The website:


4. Lakia Star


Photo credit- Instagram (lakiastar)

The subscribers: 345,820

The channel:

The website:

5. Tiarra Monet


Photo credit- Instagram (tiarramonet)

The subscribers: 543,422

The channel:

The website: