Kash Doll addresses the dilemma of the side chick vs. wifey in ‘For Everybody’

Kash Doll (photo credit IG @kashdoll)
Photo credit: IG – @kashdoll

Instagram candy girl Kash Doll released a video for her breakaway hit “For Everybody” and got over a million views in a few days. The video gives a great portrayal of both sides of the equation of being the wifey and the side chick. Kash Doll plays both sides, giving credibility to the high-maintenance side chick and relevance to the well taken care of wifey at home.

Social media and reality TV have made the side chick today’s heroine. Between “Love & Hip Hop,” “Basketball Wives” and the “Real Housewives” franchises, being a side chick has gone from something women would be embarrassed to admit to something some women aspire to be. With monogamy becoming less and less of a reality, many women have decided the “side chick” position offers monetary value and doesn’t require a commitment, making it a viable, even attractive alternative to being the wife that gets cheated on.

I s–k and f–k em when I want to
Run his pockets when I want ..
Run his check up at Saks and Fifth
That’s what dis good p—y do.
Came thru on dat late night.. Sent to me first class flight
Follow me might learn something
Stop trippin’ might earn somethin (laughs)

On the other hand, being the wife that has access to everything the man has and more could be seen as the ultimate win.

We not cut from the same clothing, my dear
Talking that s–t but bae must I REMIND you?
I am dat b—h, I will pull up and find you
EVERYTHING got my name on it
Ring finger got his rang on it
Don’t nothing move til I sign s–t, you might as well be my side b—h (laughs)
You probably wanna be quiet Miss
Cus I ain’t neva EVA been tried, sis
Dat n—a don’t even know you
No contact, no photos. Never seen em in the daylight

Both sides have great points and Kash Doll really took it all the way. I think it depends on the type of woman you are and where you are in your life what side of the equation you fall on. Which side are you on? Check the video out and chime in below.

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