Kim Grimes, Spencer Charles highlight the art of vagina in ‘These Walls Talk’

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Kim Grimes and Spencer Charles will be presenting the next installment of the “These Walls Talk” experience. Taking place on April 23 at Artlanta Gallery, the event will feature over 15 artists who will showcase the strength and beauty of women. Grimes and Charles, curator, recently shared their vision with rolling out.

What was the spark that gave you the energy to make TWT?

When I first started my business in 2013, things were naturally slow. I didn’t have a large marketing budget and my studio was on the backside of a building in the basement.  When things did start picking up a little bit, I bought my first piece of art as a gift to myself to celebrate.  The energy it brought to my space was insane. Even though nobody could see my place from the street, business started to double, even triple, when I started filling it with feminine art.  It really spoke to my existing clients.  It was a distraction from the discomfort of getting waxed.  They would snap pictures of it, share it on social media, ask about what they meant. I credit the Atlanta artists for jump-starting my business and “These Wall Talk” was my way of giving them a platform.

Why was Spencer Charles the perfect art director?

Besides his obvious creative talent. He’s got a little organized agency in his head and knows how to remain calm in any situation. I knew he could run the whole show, and he has. I want to see him direct more.

Spencer, what kind of artists will be featured in the show?

Spencer: The theme of the show is vaginas. My goal was to find 15 different artist who could create pieces that could portray the vagina differently from the next artist. Aside from having an appreciation for the woman’s body, we tried to find artist who were innovative and had powerful work. I’m a fan of every artist we have in the show this year. I started the process by looking to artist who inspire me. We gathered a list of diverse artist who create in different mediums. People who we thought our audience could connect with and would like to see.

Why has it been such a success?

Kim: I think the fact that it’s about vagina, but not in this over-sexualized way. It’s racy enough for people that are into that, but the little old lady from the Baptist church downtown comes through and has a good time as well. My parents come. Your momma’s mama [would come].

“These Walls Talk” will take place on April 23 at the Artlanta Gallery starting at 5:30 p.m.

A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

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