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Music » Sexual harassment allegations may have led to L.A. Reid’s departure from Sony

Sexual harassment allegations may have led to L.A. Reid’s departure from Sony

Photo Credit: L.A. Reid's Instagram (@la_reid)

Photo credit:Instagram – @la_reid

New information has emerged regarding the surprising departure of music industry icon L.A. Reid from Sony Music. Reid was CEO of Epic Records until Rob Stringer was announced as its new CEO. A  short statement from Sony reads, “L.A. Reid will be leaving the company.”

Now new information first reported by Billboard seems to indicate that there were allegations of sexual harassment by a female assistant to Reid. Unnamed sources in the company claimed that a letter from the woman’s attorney detailed a continuing pattern of harassment. This included alleged inappropriate comments about her appearance and propositions that caused such a stressful environment that she could not continue to work at the label. It is alleged that Reid asked her to lay with him on a hotel bed so they could hug. The letter allegedly threatened litigation if a settlement was not reached. This prompted an internal investigation by Sony to confirm the situation. The woman has not been identified and the alleged letter was sent sometime in March 2017.

Reid is an industry icon and has worked with OutKast, TLC, Usher, and T.I. While at Island Def Jam, he worked with Rihanna, Kanye West, and many other top entertainers.

There has been no statement from Reid about his departure from Epic Records or the allegations of sexual harassment. Sony has issued no official statement on the reason for Reid’s departure or if such a letter exists that details the sexual harassment allegations. It is also unknown if a private settlement may have already been reached with Reid’s former assistant, or if the allegations were confirmed which may close the matter from further scrutiny.


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