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From voters like Diamond and Silk who became celebs in their own right, after citing what they believed to be Donald Trump’s ability to “bring back opportunities” as the reason for their undying support, to stars in music, sports, even politics, Trump has had a shockingly surprising list of celebrity supporters. Though following a series of controversies including his build the wall campaign, Muslim ban and most recent attempts to egg on a nuclear war with North Korea, it appears that many of his Black backers have gone into hiding — or at least watched from the sidelines. For five Black Trump supporters who’ve been very hush, hush since endorsing Trump, hit the flip.

R. Hawkins

Humble with a hint of Muhammad Ali...

  • Natalene Smith

    All coons on the “Z” list bottom of the barrel swill😁 He’s welcome to these ass kissers.

    • Emmajdugan


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  • britishrose

    i dont think they went into hiding but i guarantee you they all are looking stupid right now ,, no one will hurt them i dont think ,but they better be quiet about their future intents , i said long ago that many blacks voted for trump than we though , they really wanted changae and many though trump money would make a differnce in jobs and all but he has not done that , trump is buying time so he can get back to his rich life ,his sons are under fire and so is he , he cant live his life the way he use to in that white house melanie is not gonna live there no way she will go back and forth to her mansion weekly leaving him right in that white house , i doubt if trump had sex since the first dance was done melanie is not interested sexually in him so that mean the marriage is over …he can only do 4 year in that white house with a family siutation like he got . .his son and law accussed of embezzelment , his daugter is in the way ..his sons are in to frauding banks to get loans and all , he has too many issues outside the white house business . other presidents did not have family as a cabinet member

  • britishrose

    you left kim and kanye off the list !! arsenio hall and the rest of the black apprentice contestants you notice he alway picked blacks guilt that his ancestors had slaves trump has the same white racist guilt the rest of them have , he hate blacks because we symbolize who really should be rich in america ..