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Gabrielle Union snaps at haters

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Gabrielle Union has set the Internet on fire with her open and blunt conversation about sexual gratification during her interview on “Sway in the Morning” this past week. The “Being Mary Jane” star and wife of NBA legend Dwyane Wade was promoting her new book, We’re Going to Need More Wine, where she broached some bold and graphic sexual subject matter, including:

• Masturbation at 5-years-old;
• Dry humping her teddy bear as a child;
• Women eating a loved-one’s rear end;

Most of the listeners and Gabby Union fans were knocked off their pivot hearing about her innermost sexual proclivities. Union’s conversation piece about dining on derrière was great marketing but it also made D-Wade — who is the teammate of LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers — the object of some major jokes nationwide. After Union’s interview the topic of the day for more than 24 hours, she finally had enough, and she hopped on Twitter to respond to the haters of her openness.

Union became defensive and irritated when fans mocked her when she said that both partners should give and receive equally — and that many men enjoy being on the receiving end of rear end loving.

Some fans were surprised that the beautiful Union is 45 years old, so now they understand that her sexual experiences cover decades — four decades to be precise (if you include the fact that she began humping on her teddy bear at 5 years old). Union wants to be the vehicle to help continue to promote sexual gratification and to help sexually repressed individuals to feel freer discussing the subject of reciprocity with their partners.

Here are a few of the jokes that Union has had to endure — based on the controversial comments that she cannot “un-say” — and her responses to her haters, detractors and the jokers who had fun at Ms. D-Wade’s expense:

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  1. britishrose on October 23, 2017 at 8:20 pm

    i remain to say this child has some serious mental issues , ithink that rape fu..cked her up this is whty it took so long for anyone to marry her and you notice many men in hollywood black men didnt befriend her either wade was so busy trying to get a connection with fans and sharpening his brand he forgot to look deep into her mind , i mean he had that baby with the other girl is clear proof she wasnt doing much in bed as she brags .wade must be slipping and she has endured a lot of trama , her man cheating and her being viciously rapped at 18 thats a lot , she seems to have no siblings meaning she is extremely spoilled by her parents , and that is where her snob come from and , while most rape victim crash at some point she decided to act like she is transparent unbreakable, she seem to have a illusion with men and sex . that dont match who we see , i promise she is so much like her characters in her movies , real illusive and dont like to be told she is not the best, she thinks she is janet jackson. im sure she been told she resemble her , but to me she really dont ….. i feel so sorry for her cause she will be lost when wade leave her and he will , he should have figured her out when the NBA bannded her from the games for acting like .. . elieen wornos, or a fool .. h you dont see non of them nba players gf or wives out there clowing she crave attenion and wade paid a dear cost for acting like he want her when he really preferrr light skin thick women