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Parents get focused: Why this 4-year-old can read and your child can’t

Photo Credit: Sylus Green Facebook

I’m scrolling social media and looking at all of the cool toys and high-end clothing parents brought their children for Christmas. I also noticed every year around this time people start making public resolutions to stop this, change that, demand more, get money, be wiser; however, a few months later they relapse into old habits. I can honestly say, I have yet to see one post about becoming a better parent.

I’ve recently met Sylus and Rhonda Green and I’ll admit, their parenting routine has me questioning; “Why can their 4-year-old read 100 books in one day but most can’t?” I often hear parents complain about the school systems, community, and much more, but let me say this, parents, it’s time to stop holding everyone else accountable and start holding up a mirror to fully analyze the situation. By not doing so, the only people who are taking the Ls are your children.

So instead of sitting around posting and fantasizing about businesses you’ll never get off the ground, designer items, and/or the type of mate you’ll never meet, let alone marry, let’s redirect our focus to bettering our children and creating generational wealth by building a solid foundation … in literacy.

Sylus Green mentioned that his children don’t listen to any radio or television in the morning before school. Durning this time, he calls the process “work before work”; this is a time to reflect on reading, stocks, etc (yes the kids are learning about stocks). Rhonda, created flashcards from in grade levels three years above the children. Instead of saving for college, they use the money monthly to invest in their educational enrichment right now.

“If you set your children up right, the college will pay for itself,” says Sylus. Not only can their 4-year-old Caleb read; their 7-year-old daughter JL can code and build websites.

Your children are your biggest assets, so you must believe in them in order for them to achieve. Don’t distract yourself with the latest gossip, news or protest. It seems like it’s OK to sit behind the computer to complain, clown people in the name of being petty or to laugh away the pain but my advice is to put a positive spin on your normal and rededicate your focus to your kids so you won’t have to worry about having your kids grow old enough to resent you because they don’t understand why you didn’t go harder for them in life when you had the chance. Don’t end up in that endless pit of “What if?” You have the ability to set the tone for the rest of your child’s life today.